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  1. Winnipeg @ Ottawa: Are they due?

    Ideally I would hope the Bombers win this one despite being screwed over by the refs BIG TIME. They deserve to experience the frustration that all their opponents have had to unfairly experience this year.
  2. Game day thread: Montreal here

    It's called civic pride. Maybe a feeling that's hard to come by among Winnipeggers.
  3. Game day thread: Montreal here

    Maybe it's the altruist in me but I don't feel a sense of pride from winning a football game based on poor officiating.
  4. Game day thread: Montreal here

    I was referring to the PI call on Hollins at the 57:10 mark of this video: Awful, awful call. You can also clearly see Harris' elbow going down ahead of the goal line at the 1:55:30 mark. The refs have been VERY friendly toward the Bombers this year, sorry to break it to ya folks.
  5. Game day thread: Montreal here

    You are the one ignoring evidence, not me.
  6. Game day thread: Montreal here

    Because I have a more objective mind than the rest of you. It's not an opinion, it's pretty damn clear. The command centre was too pansy to overturn the call.
  7. Game day thread: Montreal here

    Just keeping things as objective as possible on this forum.
  8. Game day thread: Montreal here

    It was a hell of an effort by Harris as he kept his legs churning but the elbow definitely hit the ground ahead of the goal line. Hollins didn't even graze Lankford on the play. Just watched the replay a couple times. That really was an awful call.
  9. Game day thread: Montreal here

    I wouldn't say that's the only bad call they had go against them. I'd say the PI call on Hollins which led to a touchdown was completely undeserved. The Bombers were so quick to scrimmage after that, Chapdelaine didn't even get the chance to consider a challenge. It's also pretty clear to me Harris went down before reaching the goal line on the last play. His right elbow hit the ground ahead of the goal line while the ball had clearly not broken the plane.
  10. Game day thread: Montreal here

    Is Harris not down once his right elbow touches the ground? Seems to me he might have been an inch or two short of a touchdown. Probably not conclusive enough to overturn the call on the field. Genereally speaking however, the refs have been absolutely awful this year and it appears the Bombers have been beneficiaries more often than not. I don't want to complain, but I can't say the wins this year have felt as good as they should have, simply due to the poor officiating.
  11. Fire O'Shea

    Agreed. The coaching is what cost us this game.
  12. Decent effort from some decent folk

    You could say that the Bombers are the Mike Beliefs of the CFL.
  13. To be fair, Willy has been guilty of this in the past as well. Guys with little mobility run into those problems just as often.
  14. Around the CFL Regular Season Discussion

    Brandon Lee Gowton ‏@BrandonGowton 2 hil y a 2 heuresVoir la traduction CFL scout for the Blue Bombers here at Eagles practice. Getting a look at Tim Tebow maybe?
  15. Week 6 other games, other teams

    A lot of people in Edmonton have the same opinion of Nichols and Franklin as we do of Brohm and Marve.