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  1. Eskimos @ Leos: Bench Jennings Put In Ross

    Heh guys, last year we made the playoffs. This year we get a home playoff game. That is progress, despite the disappointing loss today.
  2. Eskimos @ Leos: Bench Jennings Put In Ross

    Unless B.C. defense implodes it looks like a home playoff game for us!
  3. Ridirts @ BoLevi's Round 3

    If you stop Messam you have a chance with Calgary.
  4. Ridirts @ BoLevi's Round 3

  5. Ridirts @ BoLevi's Round 3

    Calgary gets a lot of ref calls go their way. Their offensive line gets away with holding all the time. Not so much tonight. It's funny how people on this board put down our offense as being poor (when we have a receiver go down - Adams). Well, it seems BLM is not the same without McDaniels either.
  6. Bombers @ Argos: Depth Chart

    A little concerned with Fogg starting in Leggetts spot and now listed as both PR AND KR. I love to see Fogg get the ball more on special teams, but there is also greater chance for injury. Who else returns kicks besides Lankford and Dressler?
  7. My guess is Harris will easily get 100 catches, plus get 1000 yards running, but will fall just short of 1000 receiving. HE needs a big game in one of these remaining games. However I would rather see the Bombers rest him a bit once we clinch 2nd.
  8. Jonestown @ Cowtown

    Hilarious! I laughed out loud when I saw that depth chart.
  9. Talks with Mulumba

    Adam Boomer??? I think we'd be better bringing James West out of retirement
  10. Bombers Add 3 To PR

    He's a little bigger than Roberts...but yeah, I like this guys moves!
  11. Well it's good news to us now that Kavis Reed stays on in Montreal. LaPolice would likely be in the running for the head coaching job there but he would be nuts to join the Reed circus.
  12. Really looking forward to seeing Givens this weekend (assuming he gets into the lineup). Can't expect too much from him in his 1st game, but from his highlights the guy looks good.
  13. Yeah as much as BLM is a great QB...he is a greater idiot.
  14. I don't feel it's fair to criticize receivers for hitting the turf or taking it out of bounds after a catch. If they need some extra yards for a 1st down, then yes, but receivers need to be smart with the ball (avoiding a turnover) and keeping the contact to what is necessary. Milt made a career out of playing this way and has addressed this on the panel a number of times.
  15. Stamps @ Awful Masolis / Redblacks @ Ridirts

    Good for you!