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  1. Will we be better or worse?

    I respect your enthusiasm. However, myself having grown up as a Maple Leafs fan, being from Winnipeg originally and thus following the Bombers and Jets I have endured many, many terrible years of bad teams. Even during the good years I remain cautious about my teams chances.. maybe because the disappointment is easier to take after an early playoff exit. Having said that 2018 so far looks oh so good!!!
  2. Will we be better or worse?

    Really, really hard to say if we will be better or worse. The safe bet is...about the same. I get a kick out of Rod Peterson (Regina 620 radio). He says the Bombers finish 5th in west. Personally, I dare not predict 1 thru 4 in west because the teams look so close. Peterson does have a point, though, when he says he is not sold on our defense. If the Bombers can improve their defense this team could compete for 1st. The offense will be good. But will the defense?
  3. Bombers Post $5.1M Operating Profit in 2017

    I have been to Regina many times so if you have to go there my advice to you is: when you get to the outskirts, close your eyes and plug your nose. Resume normal position after you leave. Yes, I know it makes enjoying the concert difficult, but it is better for your long term mental state!
  4. Bomber Moves 2018

    Just one week till mini camp in Winnipeg! Are they holding it inside or outside? ( Honest question considering this insane weather we've been having.) On the plus side.. .only one week till some football news!!
  5. Roy Finch Arrested for Assaulting Police

    Agreed. Hopefully there is good video footage of this which brings the truth to light.
  6. Bomber Moves 2018

    Apparently Strauhan had an injury that would have kept him out for a while
  7. Bomber Moves 2018

    The problem I have is that those guys seem to get cut year-after-year. Too many times we get excited about a can't miss guy and then he gets cut the first round of cuts or has an injury or some other "family" issue and leaves the team.
  8. Bomber Moves 2018

    Aww man, does this mean I have to give up my Chris Matthews fantasy??
  9. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    Muamba signs in Montreal?? Wow, that should put them over the 3 win threshold.
  10. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    I like to think it's more like he has stood in line for the urinal, and when its his turn he just can't get it to come... oh the off-season is just too long
  11. Bomber Moves 2018

    Didn't Dressler just sign a 1 year contract late last fall? Doubt he retires (maybe after 2018 season but not before). We could always use a couple of guys in our system when injuries happen.
  12. Will we be better or worse?

    And we are a consistent playoff team right now. Yup, lots going right for this team.
  13. Tyler Bieber

    Yes, when you are on a bus like that you feel it is the safest place to be. Apparently Tyler was the play by play broadcaster, who would travel with the team. Anyone know if this is the worst sports accident in Canadian history?
  14. Tyler Bieber

    A lot of prayers and support have been going out from SK and from around the world. It has been truly overwhelming. Lots of connections too. An acquaintance of mine told me this morning he lost his best friend in the crash. My neighbors lost their nephew (a coach). My son got an invite the last 2 seasons to try out for the Broncos. He didn't go. So no, we didn't lose our son...but many other parents did.
  15. Will we be better or worse?

    Are we really talking about management being under the gun? Good grief guys! O'Shea has made mistakes, but every coach does. And Walters? The guy has been terrific. If anything, our scouts are to blame a bit, but not Walters. I don't want to go back to the days of "cleaning house" every 2 years.