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  1. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    He's quitting football? Strange...
  2. Bomber Moves 2018

    Yes absolutely agree. We need a stud MLB and if this is the way to get there...well then....
  3. Top 10 Greatest Bomber Moments of All Time

    So...any athletes or football dad's lurking around this site?
  4. Glenn to Edm

    Wow! He was amazing!
  5. Glenn to Edm

    There is another way to look at this too: Rarely does a CFL QB look good in his 1st start/1st time getting into a game...the exceptions that I can think of were:Kent Austin, Doug Flutie and Jeff Garcia. Most guys need plenty of time. I am not saying Davis will develop into a CFL starter if given more time. I just think he was given limited reps, was hamstrung by poor play calling when in there, and then was leapfrogged by LeFevour which most saw as a real head-stratcher.
  6. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    If Bombers bring in Durant then there's definitely no room for the Fevour...we'd have to go minimal salary/rookie/developmental guy at 3rd string.
  7. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    Maybe Durant is a good option, but it would have to be for the right price.
  8. Around The League: 2018 Offseason

    We know. But he was Argo property before he got traded to Winnipeg. He also never played for Ottawa but he was their property before being traded.
  9. Top 10 Greatest Bomber Moments of All Time

    Note on #10. I don't know who recovered Poplawski's onside kick...but it wasn' Zalnasky. He was already in the booth beside Bob at that time. Great list though!!
  10. Top 10 Greatest Bomber Moments of All Time

    Ken Ploen's run is deservedly at #1. How could it not be? I remember most of the top 10. Grays pick of Matt Dunigan was crazy. I thought for sure that B.C. was going to win it. Milt's catch was epic.
  11. Bomber Moves 2018

    Bond deserves to get good $ this year. I just don't think the Bombers want to pay that much, plus they want an American elsewhere. All the best to you Travis, hope you get that NFL tryout!
  12. Glenn to Edm

    I'd rather go with a raw rookie this year than to have the Fevour back. At least with a rookie there is potential...
  13. Glenn to Edm

    Can you say Dan Lefevour again. Yes we can. sigh...
  14. 2 CFL Cameos Last Night

    It's been re-cast. In season 2 or 3 now. I prefer the original actor, but his side kick friend on the new show is a good balance. Anyways, its one of the shows I try to watch weekly.
  15. Bomber Moves 2018

    Who is Bond referring to?