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  1. It's...truly remarkable. Cato wasn't just statistically the luckiest QB in the league, he was also statistically the worst. The worst. He was the worst before luck was factored in, and surged even further to the top (bottom?) when lucky missed interceptions were included. That's when he became the super-worst. Of course, the half about being lucky was included and the half about being the worst was omitted. Rich or someone will come along and delete this eventually - argue the post, not the poster - but when every post the poster makes is smothered in poster-juice...always half the story and none of the context, then...? They can't be separated out. Let's take the Bombers out of this completely and show how it's done. Reality for most: The Jets are one of the top teams in the NHL. Context-free "truths": The embarrassing Jets are BEHIND AN EXPANSION TEAM!!! in the standings. Reality for most: The Jets won two extremely tight road games. Context-free "truths": The embarrassing Jets can only manage ONE GOAL IN 60 MINUTES OF HOCKEY!!! these days. I know this is over the top silliness, but what do you do with this never-ending nonsense? Sigh, shrug, hold the mirror of satire up to it to demonstrate how farcical it is, wait for the post to get deleted, wash rinse repeat, six more weeks of winter, here's to you Mrs. Robinson, the end. As for Durant, it's a low-risk medium-reward signing and hopefully we don't need him with Nichols going wire to wire, lifting the Grey Cup 10 months from now.
  2. In today's episode of "How the Bombers Failed..." Tburg be Tburging again. Wonderful. Everything the Bombers do is wrong, part 4658. Durant is the bad decision. Cato is the better choice. Of course he is. 2016 stats, for those who don't like long posts or math and just want to skip to the end: So Cato is both the luckiest and the worst. Also not sure why people waste so much energy arguing with the rider troll. Also not surprised that Tburg's "logic" lines up so closely with the rider troll's. ...using those numbers at face value (which oddly enough weren't always whole numbers when the math was done, maybe some borderline passes were counted as half interceptable?) and calculating through, this would be the 2016 percentage of interceptable balls per total passes thrown: Cato - 7.7% Masoli - 5.4% Burris - 4.9% Ray - 4.5% Jennings - 4.3% Willy - 4.2% Glenn - 4.1% Nichols - 3.6% Durant - 3.4% Collaros - 3.2% Mitchell - 2.5% Reilly - 2.2% Harris - 2.1% Apologies for the lack of fancy colours and formatting. So Cato is both the luckiest and the worst. Alright, back to work now.
  3. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    So we're in agreement. Super. That's what Fridays are all about.
  4. Their team has been to the Cup finals as many times as the Jets have won a first round match-up...so, not going to feel too much sadsies for them. And their likely to get another top draft pick this season. We might be picking last!!!
  5. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    People get to hide behind keyboards these days. It wasn't that long ago they hid their identities under white hoods. I don't understand why people think they way they behave on the internet doesn't count. It counts. If you are mean on the internet, you are a mean person. Not a funny person. A mean person. If you are racist on the internet, you are a racist person. Not a funny person. Kane might be immature, a lousy teammate, and a half dozen other things that I hold in low regard. To say that he didn't experience racism just because he isn't likeable is a total cop-out. Winnipeg is a diverse city with many different people of different backgrounds. And most of those different people of different backgrounds experience some racism every day.
  6. Olympics

    It is accepted that the KHL is better than the AHL. Should it be? Why is it? The two reasons I can think of for this mystique: 1) The handful of Kovalchuks who get homesick/Kostitsyns who need to run their mafia business, and sign a huge contract so the KHL can pretend it's on the same level as the NHL. 2) Unicorns. The idea that Russian players come out of the womb with naturally higher skill level, so there must be dozens of Radulovs over there who would just kill it in the NHL once we discover them. There are probably a few players playing in the KHL who would belong in the NHL sooner than the AHL. Beyond that, it might just be comparable to the old IHL for all we know. Guys on the back end of their careers, marginal players and the like.
  7. Olympics

    A Whole Bunch Of Spengler Cup! If I can find a few more white guys with dreads, I'm starting a ska band and naming it this.
  8. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    Should have just called themselves the Las Vegas Planks. My guess is it will take almost 80 years before someone comes up with a reason why this is insensitive to planks.
  9. Game 44 : Bison @ Buffalo

    And Buffalo paid half of Stafford's salary.
  10. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    4 players from Tampa; none of the other teams in that division got more than the minimum.
  11. Game 43 : Great White @ Great White North

    Is this like when I'm allowed to make jokes about my wife's cooking, but if someone else makes jokes about my wife's cooking I get to punch them in the nose? Because Manitoba is cold and dark during winter. Did we expect people not to notice? Jets broadcasts also used to have a segment where they asked the players inane questions, and this probably was one of them.
  12. Rule Changes For 2018

    Hmm, so why don't they put that guy in the booth?
  13. Inner monologue: Does this come in any other colour? So incredibly ugly... "Yes, so happy to be here, this is always where I wanted to be." Inner monologue: Maybe there is a 5:30 flight out of Calgary and I can commute here every day... "Yes, delighted to work with such a brilliant football mind as coach Jones" Inner monologue: Coach Assclown is offering me $80k a season. I guess if I do nothing they might release me... "Coach Assclown is offering me $80k a season. I guess if I do nothing they might release me...wait, did I say that one out loud?"
  14. Rule Changes For 2018

    What needs to be removed is using the helmet as a weapon. It is meant to be there to protect.
  15. Blue Bomber Free Agent List

    He is currently on the roster page. I'm not sure there is a reason for their to be "word" on him. There are other guys who finished the season on the PR who do not appear on the roster, and he's not mentioned when potential FA's are listed. My recollection was his stock dropped during his draft year because he had spent most of that season injured. He went back and played his final season at Western(?) and came back to the Bombers when the PR expanded in October. He could be decent. No one paid any attention to him because he didn't weigh 500 pounds and have BUTCHER as a last name.