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  1. Talks with Mulumba

    Hmm, he might want to give Johnny Manziel a call for strategic negotiation pointers.
  2. Talks with Mulumba

    Here's the Thorpe thread for those still in need: So, Mulamba...rhymes with La Bamba? Yo mama? Ay Caramba?
  3. Talks with Mulumba

    Seriously? Lankford has played all his snaps (that I remember) at wide receiver. Thorpe played all his snaps (that I remember) at slotback. Thorpe lost his job to Flanders. When the motherloving peach schnapps will this stop?
  4. Talks with Mulumba

    So I'll just pretend talking about Mulamba is still a thing... For Mulamba to really help us we need him here now. There seems to be a 4 game transition period for DE's coming from the NFL (see Westerman, Okpaluago), so if we want him to be an impact player for us in the playoffs, that transition period needs to start soon.
  5. Talks with Mulumba

    In Thorpe's defence ... **to read the rest of these thoughts and more, they can be found in the "Thorpe Released" thread, where they were posted two months ago...
  6. Talks with Mulumba

    Mulamba's Agent: I don't know who this Thorpe guy is, or the capital of Canada for that matter, but boy is that guy a lifesaver. I was taking such an internet beating!
  7. Also, I'm sad to see that she's fallen on such hard times. I had been wondering what happened to Talia Shire after the Godfather and Rocky movies. Covering the Riders is quite the indignity to suffer. A kickstarter campaign may be necessary. I'll keep you all posted.
  8. Clearly the entire Rider season is structured around "any news is good news", and subsequently a desire to be in the headlines at all times.
  9. Thank you. If I go to Walmart later, I'm sure I'll feel dead inside.
  10. And just to remove any suspense, Hurl will be listed as the starter on Saturday. For those who have a negative emotional response to this, you now have extra time to prepare for those emotions. For those who recognize this is largely an on-paper maneuver to allow maximum player substitution flexibility, keep on keepin' on.
  11. Adams gone for rest of regular season

    The Bombers have to get Givens into the lineup. Without Adams, Flanders, and the question mark that hovers over Dressler at all times, our receiving corps does not have what it takes to win games. That might be survivable short term but the playoffs are less than a month away. For us to have any chance to win some of those games, we need to hope that our depth is what we think we have and then give them as much game action as we can. Lankford is simply a non-lethal receiver. We can afford to have non-lethal NI's at receiver, but we can't waste spots on non-lethal imports. Givens gets 3 games of live action to learn the CFL before the playoffs are here. Hopefully he can learn how to be CFL lethal.
  12. Adams gone for rest of regular season

    Underwhelming, but he hasn't sucked. He's had some good moments. It feels like he hasn't figured out the CFL yet, where the spaces are and the timing of it all. His decisions don't always make sense. He hasn't played many games yet, so I still allow for the possibility that he can find his groove. Right now, it seems like he has a job by default. He has to earn it outright, and his chance won't last forever.
  13. I'd wait on those two game-time scratches before popping any corks but Lankford has exclusively played wideout from what I remember, so if Givens is practising at slot then he's very likely playing unless Washington doesn't nail down the WR spot, and they decide to move him into the slot (I thought he's played both) and keep Lankford outside and Just to make it an extra-spicy meatball, from what I recall, Givens did kick returns in the NFL.