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  1. Jets Prospects

    Nothing wrong with having Petan in the organization. If we have 5 or 6 forwards injured, put him in. If not, Moose fans probably would like a championship too. Considering the number of opportunities he's been given and done nothing with them, often with time on the PP and top lines, at this point he's a prospect in the same way Julian Melchiori is a prospect.
  2. Round 1: Game 3 @ Wild

    Wild fans are no slouch and there will be a lot of energy in their barn as well. What the Jets will likely and hopefully do is is wall off the red line and weather the first 10 minutes, then slowly push that line up to their blue until the Wild no longer have puck possession or space to move, sucking the life out of them and the energy out of the building. Don't trade hits right away, don't give them anything to feed off of, play patient, take away lanes and smother them, keep everything in front of us until their will breaks, then start pounding them into the boards once the doubt creeps in. Or put up 6 goals on Dubnyk in the first 10 minutes, both strategies will work.
  3. Round 1: Game 2-Wild

    That third goal brought me so much hockey joy. Minnesota had the puck on their sticks for 20 seconds trying to move it out of their zone. Little cut them off, then Roslovic, then Copp, and then each of them did it again. Finally all that pressure created a turnover, and two passes later the puck is in the net. That goal was earned thru high-level grinding and maximum effort forechecking. I cheered for all the goals but that was the one where I literally jumped out of my seat.
  4. Bomber Moves 2018

    Nik Lewis type - not much speed but the villagers can't ever seem to tackle him.
  5. Bomber Moves 2018

    I'm no scout, but if we find a receiver whose nickname is "Handsy", we probably should do a background check.
  6. Leaves of three, don't apply to hiney...
  7. After Walters' presser a few weeks ago my pa-in-law says "So Muamba won't be playing for the Bombers this year..." and I pointed out that he hadn't signed anywhere else yet. And he still hasn't. And I still wouldn't be at all surprised if he ends up here. If he had a significantly better offer, he would have already signed. Some might be thinking he has to scheisse or get off the pot. From the Bombers perspective they don't really care, they're just done standing there politely holding the bathroom door open for him while he decides.
  8. Bomber Moves 2018

    Shhhh. Quiet. I'm busy memorizing some blogger's mock draft so I can be furious when Walters doesn't trade up to select the guy with the most reps on the bench press. Viva la echo-chamber!
  9. Oh good, we're doing this again. "MUAMBA!!!" - Captain Kirk
  10. Round 1 : Game 1 - Wild

    Anyone considering a trip to Minneapolis? Their tickets go on sale Wednesday @ 10.
  11. Will we be better or worse?

    I'm old enough to remember Tracker hints OShea and Walters should be fired on a weekly basis regardless what happens.
  12. Around the NHL 2017/2018

    Regular season regulation loss. They lost 3 very important games in regulation in April 2015 to the Ducks. Otherwise, that is an eyebrow-raising tidbit indeed. Considering the only time the Thrashers ever made the playoffs they lost 4 straight to the Rangers, that means this "franchise" has still never won a single playoff game. I'm really looking forward to the Jets hanging a Wild pelt over their locker room fireplace.
  13. 2018 CFL Draft

    Makes sense to me. Buy in bulk, like shopping at costco. 4 receivers is like buying a 4 pack of toilet bowl cleaner. They won't go bad and you'll use them eventually. Maybe in 8 years. NI Receivers work the same way.
  14. Game 82 : Blackout @ Whiteout

    To clarify, I mean if they are currently injured, not because of the risk of injury.