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  1. Bombers In-Season Transactions

    Players don't always rush out of town when they're released. They might be one injury away from having a job again. As long as they have a couch to crash on and access to the team buffet and workout room, going back home and going thru the classifieds isn't always the first choice. Besides, Winnipeg is almost mosquito-free this year. How often will that happen*? *with the rise in global temperatures one of the long term effects in our region will be increased droughts, so a byproduct of this may be a decrease in mosquito numbers. So, possibly much more often.
  2. Derel Walker

    I doubt the Bombers have to cut anyone to find $100k. They don't spend their entire cap budget on the opening day roster. No team does. All teams budget some slush into the roster for injuries and mid-season signings. If it were me, it would be at $250 - 300,000, at minimum. The idea that the Bombers have already fully committed over $5.05 of the $5.15 million in cap space they have for this season with more than half the season remaining is preposterous. Walters is not that dumb.
  3. Derel Walker

    100k. I think you could get him for less on a multi-year deal with a chunk up-front, but as a hired gun for 2017 there will be a few teams that would use up a lot of their remaining cap space to land him. And since he probably wants to be back in the NFL next year, I'm not in a rush to show all of our talent the door.
  4. Rider dumb. So there were some swing moments last year where Toronto and Montreal became part of the conversation of "biggest joke in the league". For a time, those two did enough questionable things that the Riders firm firm grasp on that title had just a little doubt. Even if it was for a moment, we were so wrong to doubt Chris Jones. That team is hands-down the laughing stock of the CFL.
  5. There are fields in the CFL where the Bombers do not struggle to win. McGill Stadium is one of them.
  6. You're avoiding the question. Jones bought a case of these. Of course, he thought "diversity is strength" was a reference to the defensive end position, and how many different types of players he should convert to that spot.

    As far as I'm concerned, every time a pass is thrown both teams should have equal claim on the ball. Yet on 50-50 jump balls the penalty always goes against the DB. The CFL needs to stop bailing out QBs who make these irresponsible throws.
  8. 2 completely uncatchable helicopter punts! How exactly did he get that bizarre rotation on those? I've seen plenty of end-over-end punts before; I've never seen an end-around-end done for any meaningful distance.
  9. Joy Behar of the CFL... Every word about Stafford coming out of camp was the opposite of what Madani is suggesting. So the idea that he got beat out as the reason he's no longer with the team when he quite clearly got beat out jives with me.
  10. Perhaps a motorized old-timey bicycle with an oversized front tire?
  11. Hey Ripper

    At first I saw the thread and it was like, hey man, starting a thread to call out another poster...not cool man...and then I read it and it was like...yeah...that's cool...that's cool...

    They have a whole package designed around Lefevour's athleticism and they've been using it with decent success all year. I have no problems with that call. The execution of that read-option was simply terrible. It looked like they literally had never practised it before and were trying it out for the first time after watching an instructional video on youtube.

    If that's the case, then you all are to blame for the Harris to Adams...whatever that was on the first drive. You keep accusing him of being too conservative in the red zone; you get plays like that just to prove you wrong.

    I'm very in favour of renaming IGF "Fort Hew". One of you social-media types get this going on Kickstarter or Tinder, whatever society is doing these days.
  15. That's Vince Young to a University of Texas T! He was recruited, his girth has a lot of quantity which many people prefer over quality, and compared to Glenn, he's definitely new. I wonder what they did with that large green #8 tarp after Young left? Incidentally, 8 represented the yards of fabric used to make the jersey. That's your Thursday tailoring joke!