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  1. Not only will Roc Carmichael make Rod Black's "Great CFL Names" list for 2017, he also makes my All-Flintstones team. So far the other 23 spots are held by colourful vitamins, but there's still time...
  2. Plus he needs time to set up his account at Red River Co-op.
  3. It's easy to say that in any expansion draft taking a player who is scheduled to become a free agent is idiotic. If Vegas takes a player who is scheduled to become a FA in their expansion draft, they will be regarded as idiots. I won't outline the reasons as they are that obvious.
  4. The purpose is part evaluation and part orientation in both the CFL and the Bomber offence. That way the players who make it to main camp don't start so far behind the incumbents and the staff has a better chance of making it an apples to apples comparison. The Bombers have to cut 10 players by May 1, but it's not abnormal to have a few unsigned football players taking prolonged vacations at the stadium this time of year, getting the special on-field tour.
  5. He attempted to decline making a third selection from the Bombers and was forced to by the the commissioner. Then took a pending FA (Kohlert), which is of course idiotic.
  6. This explains everything:
  7. Historically the Bombers drafting has been so poor that it would have been both fair and accurate to put all 3 of Walters' draft classes in the top 5 (with 2014 and 1991 tied at 5th). But I get that he doesn't want to be seen as butt-kissing the bosses.
  8. I'm fine with the decision to draft him as opposed to another depth player/special teams guy. We used the second-last pick in the third round on him. He was drafted after we took Giovanni Aprile and right before Rene Stephan. Bilukidi was a first round talent who had fallen almost into the 4th round. That is a low risk/high reward selection that we didn't reap the rewards of. Those are great home-run swings to take in the later rounds.
  9. It took a while, but Popp is finally starting to clean up the salary mess he made in Montreal. And he's doing it from Toronto. That's some next level GMing there.
  10. Fun fact: I was checking on ticket availability for game 1 in the Caps/Leaves series Tuesday night last week, and at that time only one section was considered sold out (about half were attempts to re-sell).
  11. Drew Stafford is an opportunistic finisher. Nothing more, nothing less. He glides in from the circles and puts garbage away. His linemates have to cover for him defensively. While not ideal, there are room for guys like this in the NHL as long as they produce more than their liabilities surrender. This year he struggled to finish on his opportunities so what we were left with was mostly a defensive liability at one end and a guy who was taking up pricey real estate on the top lines at the other end. He found his groove again in Boston. He'll still be a defensive liability there most nights but he'll also put in a few more than he gives up when he's playing the best version of his game.
  12. Well the question doesn't really make sense. Unless you are implying the Scheiffle pick was drawn out of a hat or a dart board was involved. Otherwise the question really amounts to how good would he be at his job if he was less good at his job? Then the answer you are leading us to by the nature of the question is: less good.
  13. Hopefully this time they have the good sense to sell some ad space on the site.
  14. Fourth sticky topic from the top, even. I went thru all of TrueBlue's 2015 corporate filings - after all the Bomber swag got loaded into the back of my car and a line was plumbed from the keg room to my house, I was able to determine there is no conflict of interest.