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  1. Morning radio in Regina today: "Chris Jones is not a well liked person" "No he is not". Followed by assorted complaining about the reffing, mocking Nik Lewis, etc, etc.
  2. We made 2 deals, one with a player and another with a team, the net result of which is we dropped 11 spots in the draft and kept our entire roster intact. Don't worry. Most of us understand.
  3. They also let people bring in flares and set the stadium on fire. Personally I don't have that big of an axe to grind with the Riders, but for those who do, um, we got by as an 8 team league for a while. Just saying.
  4. Nevermind, I found the source... ...the opinion of people on the internet. It checks out.
  5. Based on what? I've never heard any reference from the Bombers that finding QB's is McManus' job. You declaring something does not make it so.
  6. Goodness knows we still haven't recovered from the damage Josh Bishop has done to us over the years...
  7. To me LeaveittoFeaver has athletic gifts and a sandlot style. He'll run around and chuck the ball up there. Sometime his receivers will make the catch. Sometimes he will win the game. The problem is this never translates well to professional football because it can't be done with any consistency. Coaches have a playbook and they want it executed. Sometimes plays break down and the offence has to improvise, but this shouldn't be happening every other play. Having an athletic guy who has seen CFL defences and is familiar with our game has value coming off the bench in case of emergency. He's a good guy to have on the roster. I'd still expect Davis to slot ahead of him just because it looks like Davis has reached a point in his career where he can execute with greater consistency than LeFevour.
  8. Going purely off of memory here - my recollection is that Briere had the fastest 40 time at his regional combine and finished in the top 3 of all those measurable tests except the bench. It was him vs Carter for most of those drills at the Montreal combine.
  9. Pretty sure Doorfliesopen is the ghost of KissingSuzyKolber, a dedicated NFL humour blog. I don't recall any of those guys following the CFL ever. Maybe this guy does, but I'd read it with multiple grains of salt.
  10. Later next week, someone by the name of Custin Jox will be added to their roster...
  11. Dwayne Slay - the reason I put zero weight on a player's youtube videos and press clippings. Unless it's Trent Corney jumping backwards out of a pool.
  12. People who aren't Die Hard fans can suck it. Bruce Willis rules. #hudsonhawkforever
  13. Mike has been quite adamant that he and the other admins receive no compensation for running this site. That makes him, at best, an amateur lemming.